Justin Fielding“A lot of people tried to put us off going through the whole legal process to become Financial Guardians but we knew how important it was to secure our son’s future.  Having Financial Guardianship means that we can take decisions about his care and know that Justin will be looked after if anything happens to us.

“The team at Morisons encouraged us every step of the way and understood right away what it was we were trying to do. We were very apprehensive about going to Court but Gillian Brown and the team at Morisons put together a very clear, persuasive case for us and the judge said that there was no question about ruling in our favour.

“I hope our story will inspire other parents to follow our example and not be afraid to seek legal help to find the best care for their child.” 

- Dorothy Fielding
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                                                                                                                                                            Justin Fielding


“I can’t speak highly enough about Morisons and have recommended them to lots of people. They worked really hard for me and kept me up to date on what was going on all the time.

“Sometimes I would get an email from one of the team just to ask how Jordan was getting on and that meant an awful lot to me, I felt at least someone cared about what we were going through.

“A lot of people don’t realise how important Financial Guardianship is when it comes to choosing self-directed support, even the Glasgow City Council, Social Services web link doesn’t mention it.  It is vital to have Financial Guardianship and it is nowhere near as complicated as people think.”

– Patricia Graham
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“We both feel much safer with the Guardianship in place and I think a family Guardianship is the best option.   We’re really glad that we had that chance conversation and that we did it.   We wouldn’t have any hesitation on recommending the Morisons’ team who were very helpful and efficient.”

– Barbara Geddes
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"Gillian Brown dealt with both my parents' estates last year and I cannot commend her highly enough for the prompt, efficient and reassuring way she handled this at what was a difficult time in many other ways.

“She even visited my father in the Care Home and expedited confirmation of estate later which was vital as my father died a few days before his house was to be sold.  Gillian's efficiency ensured that all the complications arising from this did not inconvenience the buyers and helped the whole process to go forward without stress.

Great lawyer who goes the extra mile and get things done quickly and efficiently."