Carers and Employment

Caring for Someone While Working

When you have the responsibility of being a carer as well as an employee, if possible, inform your employer of your situation so that they can be helpful and understanding of your needs and commitments.

Employees have a legal right for flexible working to be considered if caring for a relative or an adult living in the same home. In addition, parents caring for a disabled child under 18 can take up to 18 weeks unpaid parental leave. Legally, should a care emergency arise, a carer is entitled to leave if they have worked for an employer for at least a year.

Employers can offer helpful options including flexible working, changes to shift patterns, job-sharing, reduction in working hours, changes to holidays, compassionate leave and even a career break.

Leaving Work To Care For Someone

If you decide to give-up work there are a number of options available for financial assistance including Carer’s Allowance. See Financial Help pages for further details.